Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dream :D

Heyy people ! *winkwink ^^ . One of my dreams come true. *Hooray !
I got A- for my addmaths and it was so awesome for me. LOL .
I bet, you're boo-ing me now --" . Yeah right. Do I care? Not at all.
Kinda shocked when I got the paper. 
Even, the marks were just egg on the edge of the horn :p
Whatever it is, I'm still grtaeful for it.
Alhamdulillah, thankyou Allah for giving me the chance :)
A big clap to my Addmath teacher, Mrs Chan, my tuition tutor, Puan Azlina and
ofcourse my girls for being such a helpful friends.
All my efforts have paid. Stay up late, attending for tuition class.
 That's all guys. Byepp !