Sunday, May 27, 2012

Everything happens for a reason.


Heyya ! :D

Suddenly, I got this idea to write it here. Do you believe in " everything happens for a reason" ? Maybe you should. Well, stop asking "what if" and stop saying " I wish" . It's better for you to search the hidden meaning behind all that instead just keep asking and saying because you'll find no answer by that.
How about you changes the negative statement to positive? Then, you'll feel better with it.

Sometimes, I also say that " I wish blahblahblah " . But then, I think it twice. The reason why Allah didn't created me like that. I felt wrong if I keep questioning Allah's plans.

You know why you are fat? Because He dont want you to wear tight outfits.
You know why you aren't rich like others? Because He don't want you to default and show off. Be humble.
You know why you aren't fair like her? Because He know you'll proud with yourself and insulting others.

But sometimes, when He gives you what you want, it's a test for you. He wants to look whether you're going to forget Him or not. Here a situation, a human who is brilliant, always get a top rank in examination but he/she keep doing sins. You must be kinda cranky with it, right? " Why he/she always got good result? whereas he/she keep doing the sins! " Well, Allah is giving he/she an oppurtunity to change before its too late, giving he/she a chance to repent, giving he/she a chance get back to the right path; remembering Allah, the Greatest.

Please be grateful by who we are :)